Code Audits & Quality Guidelines

By Vishal Chauhan

Last updated cal_iconJuly 20, 2021

How to configure burp suite to Intercept Network Traffic?

When dealing with an unfamiliar web application, traffic inspection should always be one of the first moves. Although a web application can display several elements to the end-user via the browser interface, most applications make multiple requests between the client and server during the development of those elements before they enter their final presentation state.

By Krishna Sharma

Last updated cal_iconJuly 18, 2021

XXE exploit

XML: The extensible markup language, or XML, is a template for storing and transporting data. It has a tree-like structure of tags and files, identical to HTML, except there are no predefined tags in XML, such as h1, img, div, and so on; tags are custom named for the data they reflect. Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a widely used data format. It can be used in everything from web services (XML RPC, SOAP, REST) to documents (XML, HTML, DOCX) to image files (XML, HTML, DOCX) (SVG, EXIF data).

By Vishal Chauhan

Last updated cal_iconJuly 15, 2021

How to Perform File Upload Attack?

Applications face a serious risk from uploaded data. In several attacks, the first move is to get some code into the target machine. The attacker just needs to figure out how to get the code to run. The attacker will complete the first move by using a file upload.

By Rajan Sharma

Last updated cal_iconJuly 15, 2021


Clickjacking is the attack that tricks a user into clicking a Webpage element that is invisible or disguised as another element. Users can unwittingly download malware, visit malicious web pages, provide credentials or sensitive information, send money, or make purchases online as a result of this.

By Rajan Sharma

Last updated cal_iconMay 10, 2021

What is IDOR and how to exploit it?

IDOR Stands for Insecure Direct Object Reference and it is a type Of Access Control Vulnerability. According to OWASP IDOR occurs when a program allows direct access to objects based on user data, this is known as an unreliable direct object reference. As a result of this flaw, attackers can circumvent authorization and gain direct access to device resources, such as database records and files.

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