What We Do?

Full Stack Development

End-to-end full-stack services to build high-performance and robust Node JS apps.


NodeJs Consulting

Accelerate your NodeJS development efficiently with real-time process assessment.


DevOps, SRE & Cloud

Accelerate cloud operations, DevOps strategies with 24*7 SRE support.


Kubernetes & CI/CD Automation

Enterprise-ready containerized solutions with prebuilt deployment templates.


SDLC Process Assessment

Improve software & app development efficiencies with a secure SDLC assessment.


Code Audits & Quality Guidelines

Secure coding audits & guideline standards to build high-quality software product.


QA Automation

Top-notch product quality with testing automation process and a scalable solution.


Architecture Consulting

Modernizing legacy systems to microservice architecture using a strategic approach.


Who We Are?

Nodexperts is a group of 200+ full-stack agile software experts with a key focus on growing Javascript community, who are ready to bring innovation and quality in your business be it start-up or enterprise or any open source issues to be resolved. The well-qualified team here sprucely creates web, mobile, and cross-platform apps, supported by the latest technologies and frameworks.

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Over 50+ Tech Capabilities

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In House and Open Training

48 Seats left

ReactJS Training

In this training, our expert React trainers will conduct a fully code-intensive training and take you from beginner to an advanced level React developer. We cover the most important topics about…

79 Seats left

Angular Training

Angular is currently the hottest & most demanded JavaScript Framework in the industry. Looking at the ever-growing demand, we have brought this intensive training just for you. This course starts…

10 Seats left

Aurelia Training

Aurelia is modern, forward-thinking, conventions-based, next-gen UI framework which leverages conventions over configuration. Compared to other JavaScript frameworks, coding with Aurelia is…

87 Seats left

VueJS Training

Cazton can help you and your team master VueJS by providing an intensive hands-on training covering from the basics to advanced level. By the end of this training, you will have the confidence to use…

80 Seats left

Docker Training

This is an in depth hands-on training on Docker where you will learn about Docker, Docker Compose, Containers and Virtualization, Image Repositories, Docker Compose Orchestration with VSCode…

39 Seats left

Kubernetes Training

This is an in depth hands-on training on Kubernetes where you will learn about architectural design for deploying applications using Kubernetes, CI/CD Pipeline, using Kubernetes in the cloud,…

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