By Sunil Sahoo

Last updated cal_iconJuly 18, 2021

Using New Material UI

Using Material UI design Layout uplift the steadiness across all the platforms, environment and also make responsive for any size of web-pages by using spacing and elements. We all may have faced sometimes instability of web-pages regarding composition components or regarding responsiveness of web-pages.

By Dinesh Shreegadi

Last updated cal_iconJuly 17, 2021

Using Feature Flags to Manage Releases

A feature flag is a way to enable and disable a functionality during runtime without changing or redeploying the code.This allows for better control and more experimentation over the full lifecycle of features.

By Shubhankar Kalra

Last updated cal_iconMay 6, 2021

Backing up and Restoring kubernetes cluster with Velero

Docker and Kubernetes are the modern-day runtime environments and give so many conveniences out of the box like rolling deployments, high availability, restarting failed containers (aka self-healing), well-managed secrets, and the list goes on.

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