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By Vinay Kumar Singh

Last updated cal_iconOctober 11, 2021

Life cycle Hooks of Vue JS:

allow you to know when your component is created, added to the DOM, updated, or destroyed.In Vue JS all lifecycle hooks automatically have their this context bound to the instance, so that you can access data, computed properties, and methods.

By Vinay Kumar Singh

Last updated cal_iconOctober 7, 2021

What’s New in Vue 3:

More Maintainable Type Script & Modularized internals Faster Proxy-based Reactivity System Compiler-informed Virtual DOM &SSR Smaller Tree-Shaking Compile-time flags Scales Better Composition API Beeter DX New single-file Component improvement

By Abhishek Khurana

Last updated cal_iconOctober 5, 2021


Hearing the term Microfrontend may make you feel frustrated or even agitated. You might think, “what is this new stuff now?” or “Why should I move to it when I am happy and comfortable with my current approach towards building applications?”.

By Vikas Chauhan, Khagesh Agrawal

Last updated cal_iconSeptember 28, 2021

Make an OAuth2 server using Laravel Passport

Laravel already makes it easy to perform authentication via traditional login forms, but what about APIs? APIs typically use tokens to authenticate users and do not maintain session state between requests.

By Neha Gupta

Last updated cal_iconSeptember 24, 2021

Data Transfer one component to another – Angular 7

Data sharing is an essential concept to understand before diving into your first Angular project. In Angular mainly we have four methods by which a component can share data and information with another component by passing data or events

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