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By Vishal Tewatia

Last updated cal_iconJuly 20, 2021

Expose a kubernetes service through Ingress

Ingress is a kubernetes API object that defines rules to map incoming traffic to backend services.
Ingress controller watches over ingress, reads the rules, and implements them by acting as a reverse proxy system.

By Vishal Chauhan

Last updated cal_iconJuly 20, 2021

How to configure burp suite to Intercept Network Traffic?

When dealing with an unfamiliar web application, traffic inspection should always be one of the first moves. Although a web application can display several elements to the end-user via the browser interface, most applications make multiple requests between the client and server during the development of those elements before they enter their final presentation state.

By Amit Kumar Sanu

Last updated cal_iconJuly 19, 2021

AWS Cognito

Amazon Cognito is a medium that provides authentication, authorization & user management for web & mobile applications.

By Ashish Dhirwan

Last updated cal_iconJuly 19, 2021

Infrastructure As Code

Sometimes building and handling infrastructure can be a tedious task , Moreover creating similar and complex infrastructure for multiple environments is like a cherry on top, it will just amplify the definition of frustration. Fulfilling such a requirement needs an ample amount of time , lots of hard work and obviously engineering skills. Even destroying such a requirement is not a handy task.

By Krishna Sharma

Last updated cal_iconJuly 18, 2021

XXE exploit

XML: The extensible markup language, or XML, is a template for storing and transporting data. It has a tree-like structure of tags and files, identical to HTML, except there are no predefined tags in XML, such as h1, img, div, and so on; tags are custom named for the data they reflect. Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a widely used data format. It can be used in everything from web services (XML RPC, SOAP, REST) to documents (XML, HTML, DOCX) to image files (XML, HTML, DOCX) (SVG, EXIF data).

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