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By Saurabh Yadav

Last updated cal_iconJune 12, 2022

How To Update Nested Array Of Object In MongoDB Collection!!

So I assume the mongo queries are just like a veg curry. If we use the fresh vegetables (non-deprecated mongo crud operations method) and correct spices (mongo query operators), then the curry tastes good (correct result from mongo query); otherwise, we’ll miss something in the taste.Before discussing anything, first, we’ll know about the problem. Let’s see the image below,, which defines some percentage of the problem.

By Ravi Sharma

Last updated cal_iconMarch 16, 2022

API Automation Using Rest -assured With Live Example

Here, I’m going to automate Shopify order creation API with the help of rest assured and other additional libraries which I have mentioned above in the requirements

By Niket Sahu

Last updated cal_iconMarch 14, 2022

QA Agile Methodologies

Agile is a software development approach that allows cross-functional teams to gather requirements and devise solutions to those requirements through collaboration. It also upholds principles such as adaptive planning, continuous improvement, and early delivery.

By Ushima Chhabra

Last updated cal_iconMarch 12, 2022

Major Types Of Software Testing

There are wide number of software testing methods that are performed to ensure the quality and user experience of an application or software. And sometimes it’s get really hard to choose which software testing method best fits for an application or software. So, let’s discuss the major testing methods.

By Niket Sahu

Last updated cal_iconMarch 10, 2022

Automated Website Testing with Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector is an automated browsing testing tool that checks for problems with your website or application. The interesting thing is that it is also known as a “script-less” tool because there is no need to know how to program. It is time saving and effective tool that carries out operations in a browser, to ensure the users that everything is working properly.

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