Build resilient and robust applications with the right architecture geared for project success. Architecture consulting is crucial to develop the right sitemap for your product success.


Full-Stack Development

Our Full-stack JavaScript Development service is recommended for companies who want to extend their teams with experienced engineers to build new features and significantly speed up the development process.For development purposes we assign full-time engineers over an extended period of time to work alongside your developers. At RisingStack we’ve been working on greenfield and matured projects as well mainly for North
American, European & Australian companies. We don’t believe in raising unnecessary barriers between our engineers and the client, so you can feel as if the outsourced work still was kept within the gates.On
the front-end, we’re confident with React, Angular & Vue.

Besides using Node.js on the back-end, we have experience with Go, Kotlin, Rust, Ruby, Elixir & Python as well.

Node.js Consulting & Development Services

Our Node.js consulting service is recommended for teams who need the knowledge & guidance of a senior developer who can perform code-reviews, help with scaling, security, debugging and with incorporating Node.js or general
web-development best practices.
Our consultants can aid you with back-end, front-end and DevOps topics too, and can also help with technical interviews for new recruits. Consulting Projects usually take one or two weeks of
real-time collaboration, but you can book RisingStack’s consultants for a certain amount of hours / month as well and reach out to them when their expertise is needed.

Full-Stack JavaScript Trainings

At RisingStack we prefer to transfer our knowledge to our partners, therefore we provide several trainings for JavaScript Developers. Whether you’d like to learn about Node.js, React or Angular, our experienced developers
can boost your team’s knowledge within a few days. Although we have out-of-the box syllabuses, we can tailor one that addresses your company’s needs and knowledge gaps as well.

Why Develop with Node.js?

It is difficult to hire developers these days, therefore companies need to invest in generalists instead of specialists. Writing the server and client both in JavaScript not only makes it easier to move logic between the
frontend and the backend of a web application but makes it easier to train full stack engineers who can handle both ends of the stack. While Node.js used to be an interesting yet risky new technology, it
has grown to be a vastly used, stable and enterprise ready back-end framework over the past. It not only provides a vast ecosystem where developers can find libraries that solve most of their problems, but a clean interface
for asynchronous operations as well.
With Node.js, features can be developed faster than in some other languages which is a key to success in the fast moving scene of web applications.

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