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Globalization & Localization in .NET 6

By Kanhaya Tyagi

Last updated cal_iconDecember 16, 2021

Globalization is the method of designing and developing applications functioning for multiple cultures.

Localization is the method of customizing your application for a particular culture and locale.

Cultures and Locales

The language needs to be linked with the particular region where it is spoken, and it is done by using locale (language + location). For example, fr-FR is the code for the French language. So, fr notifies only the language, whereas fr-FR is the locale. Likewise, fr-CA defines another locale implying French language and culture in Canada. If we use only fr, it means a neutral culture (i.e., location-neutral).

  1. Visual Studio 2022 any edition.
  2. .NET 6SDK.

Resource Files

  1. A resource file is an XML file containing the strings you want to translate into different languages or paths to images.
  2. The resource file contains key/value pairs. Also, each pair is a single resource. Key names are not case-sensitive.

e.g., A resource file may ay contain a resource with the key Button1 and the value Submit

Resource files in ASP. NET have an .resx extension. At run time, the .resx file is compiled into an assembly.

Create Service

Create a service to get the value from the resource files


Changes in Layout and Create a new partial view

(Images given on link- https://kanhaiyatyagi63.medium.com/globalization-localization-in-net-6-d3727324fc68

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GitHub Link: Net6.Globalization

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