Survey Builder

A survey-based consumer insight web application that allows users to design surveys and share it with their target audience to gain responses for the created surveys.

Impediments Overcome

Challenges We Conquered

There are not many options in the market that allow users to create custom surveys and share them with the target audience for gaining the response. So when our media and marketing solutions client came to us, it was challenging to find a platform that offers multiple types of questions such as the rating scale, multi-response list, single response, etc.

The project brought an opportunity to create the User Interface of the project from scratch and research the other web-based survey creation and sharing applications to deliver the smoothest user journey yet which came along with an opportunity to learn in many ways.

Details of the Project

Features of Insight Planner

Build Custom Surveys

It allows the user to build the survey by selecting the type of questions required for the survey.

Design Surveys

It allows the user to design the created surveys and manage the content in it.

Share Seamlessly

Users can share the surveys by creating an open link for the audience or by inviting a selected audience for attempting the survey.

Custom Emails

Users can track the overall progress of the surveys by viewing the survey overview that will display details of the audience attempted the survey.

Track Survey Progress

Users can track the overall progress of the surveys by viewing the survey overview that will display details of the audience attempted the survey.

Proposed Solution

The consumer insights tool enables the user to share the survey with multiple users either by an open link for the audience or inviting selected people by email.

It allows users to create customized invitation emails by providing features for adding custom logos and multiple formatting options to make the audience captivating to complete the survey and provide valuable responses.

The solution we provided includes the creation of UI designs and HTML for the web application based on the requirements given by the client.

The solution offers multiple features to users such as survey build and design that allows the user to create custom surveys as per their requirement with the multiple types of questions.

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