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A smart technology-enabled process-driven environment that provides guidance to the farmers to cultivate the best yield and results.

Project Priorities

While developing the mobile application, the key features which were kept in mind was the UI of the application. As the farmers are the end-user of this application, it was kept in mind to keep UI simple and effective so that the user can use the application and reach the outcomes with clicks, fewer text inputs.

Multilingual language support is also provided in the application considering that the farmers might not be familiar with the English language. 

Goals of the Project

The main intent of this project is to organize the unorganized agricultural sector by creating a smart technology-enabled process-driven ecosystem, which is convenient and sustainable for the farmers.

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570 Million

Farmers Worldwide

$113.5 Billion

Global Revenue of Agricultural Industry

$5 Million

Wasted cost in Fertilizers

We are solving one of the toughest problems of our times through technology. Our tailor-made technology and solutions have disrupted the way agricultural product and farm related service distribution happens. Small farmers benefit from this solution as government and market services have now become accessible to them without any middle men.


What is different in Smartfarms?

As a result of this project, the farmers are now able to get the farming inputs(seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and equipment) at the best possible cost and in less time on the SmartFarms platform.

Designed for Farmers

We have ensured that design does not dictate the content and hence, the visual elements are also scrutinized and thought through at each stage.

Live Mandi Prices

To tackle issues like low crop price, we added features like live mandi prices.

Equipment Renting

To Eliminate issues like lack of equipment, we have added a feature of equipment renting as well.

Soil Test

We have also aggregated content on farming techniques from scientists. With the help of this Farmers can also schedule a soil test of their land.

Farming Techniques

Scientific and regional factors were taken into consideration while developing the business logic of the application that gives personalised recommendation to each farmer.

Ease of Ordering

To tackle the problem of low yield, our network of seed warehouses stores the best quality seeds which farmers can buy from the app.

Challenges Faced

The primary focus was to develop an application with a user interface that would be easy to understand and use by the farmers considering that they are not very much familiar with the technology.

A major challenge for us was to develop the project with the least understanding of the market in very less amount of time which was available as the application was to be launched within this farming season.

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