Petrics is a health and nutrition app that gives you the tools necessary to create a diet and safety plan for your pet.

Impediments Overcome

Challenges We Conquered

With nutrition, there is a lot of data involved like calorie content, nature of the food, suitable age of consumer etc. Our design had to incorporate as much information as possible without seeming heavy.

We introduced a card layout for the entire application and created multiple reusable components so that it is easier to develop and provide a positive user experience.

Features of Petrics

The card layout helped us to organize all the data in different forms of cards. Action buttons on cards resembled each other which allowed us to maintain consistency throughout the app design.

Pet Profile

Users can create a profiles for their pets and add all relevant information like breed, age, family's contact, medical history etc.

Add Family

Users can add detials about their family and details of multiple pets. Sharing of critical information like allergies, medications etc becomes easy in case the pet is with someone else.

Add Vets and Medical History

The details about the pet's medication and diseases can be added and timely refill reminders be set.

Add Schedule

Users can manage their pet's training schedule, walking schedule, medical schedules with ease with an integrated calendar that is shared among the family members.

Pet Nutrition

All the information related to more than 10000 pet products can be accessed and products can be compared before purchasing.

Manage Vaccination

Users can add the details about the pet's vaccination schedule and the vaccines in use, can check future dates and receive timely reminders on vaccination.

Proposed Solution

The card layout design helped us organise thousands of nutrition records and display them effectively to the users.

We also used card layouts for pet profiles to resemble a pet identity card.

We had to design innovative user flows among different modules of the application as there were two aspects of the app – User Profile and Pet Profile.

The older application was a bi-color design with a lot of congested data. Our card layout design along with use of colors suitable for pet lovers and families ensured a seamless UX.

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Petrics is dedicated to providing pet care professionals and pet owners the tools they need in order to provide optimal care and wellness for their pets. Using data science in veterinary medicine and animal nutrition, they are able to help vet clinics, animal nutritionists, and other pet care professionals put their best foot forward when performing nutrition consultations for their patients.

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