Our Process

Building with process and technical expertiseDelivering a great product to you

  • 01.

    Discovery and Research

    This is the phase where we discuss and brainstorm about the product we are going to build. Building wireframes, mockups, requirement specification are all parts of this phase. We aim at understanding the minutest details of the project so that we can get everything exactly right and deliver the product exactly the way you want it!

  • 02.

    Ideation and Design

    In this phase we plan the solution for building your product. From base architecture to database design, this is where we build the foundation of your project. Through precise planning, we safeguard against future fallbacks. We ensure that the ideas we bring forth for your project are the best and most effective.

  • 03.

    Development and Production

    Once everything is approved, we get right down to work. We carefully develop each feature of your project and do thorough unit testing and modular checks. You get regular code updates and reports. At the end of every two weeks, we aim to deliver a working, shippable part of the project to you. This ascertains that with every delivery, you can see exactly how your product works.

  • 04.

    Launch and Perfecting

    This is the final phase where we deliver the fully working product to you. integrating all the modules, putting the product through a full regression and stress testing, and finally delivering it to you. We make sure that we deliver a perfect, dependable, efficient and maintainable product. From problem to product, we are with you, always!

Process Details

First we do a high level discussion of the product that you want to build. Then we either make wireframes and mockups as required, or we simply create a specification document describing the high level details of your product. We charge for any wireframes, mockups, or specifications that are done.

After this we provide you with an approximate analysis of the amount of time required to build your product. In this we specify how many man-hours of work will be involved. (For example, we may say that to build your product, 1000 to 1400 man-hours are needed.) This is only an estimate and can change based upon various factors.

Following this process allow us to focus on product quality and helps us embrace changing requirements smoothly.

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