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Marketcube platform is meant to provide complete functionality to run a multi-vendor marketplace.

Project Priorities

During the development of the application, UI was kept on priority due to the complexity of the project, it was necessary for us to keep the UI easy to use and understand from the user point of view.

Keeping support for multiple languages was another priority as the application will be used in almost 80 countries.

Goals of the Project

The Shopify app is used by online sellers and vendors to build and manage their own e-commerce store with no coding required.

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From fashion and real estate to hand-made gifts and art, Marketcube enables over 1200 multi-vendor marketplaces in more than 80 countries, worldwide to run and scale their dropshipping businesses of all types and sizes.



What is different in Marketcube?


As a result of the application, users can increase the potential of their Shopify store, users can link second parties and benefit both parties to increase their business. It helped users to track the activity of the user and view the reports of their business.


You can track the activity across all areas of your marketplace in real time, from vendor onboarding and email open rates to product edits and order fulfilment.

Powerful Vendor Portal

When a vendor joins, they get access to their own vendor portal, where they can upload products, fulfil orders, manage payments, and more.

Automated Vendor Payouts

Set your commission structure, configure payment terms and connect your PayPal or Stripe account to have all invoices being calculated correctly and paid on time.

Complete marketplace toolkit

From vendor onboarding and product management to order fulfilment, shipping, and accounting, you get access to all the tools you need to operate your marketplace at scale.

In-built customization

You can customize your marketplace branding, text and notifications as well as connect your own domain to match your company’s brand.

Quick Vendor Onboarding

There’s plenty of ways for your vendors to join your marketplace so it’s quick and easy for them to self-onboard and work with you.

Challenges Faced

We were using dedicated cloud instance (digital ocean) which was a little expensive, was not provided with auto-scaling and had limited resources so we switched to Kubernetes which auto scales itself, performing better and is not that expensive comparatively.

Another challenge we tackled down was, we were using ScaleGrid which had a number of connections limited and if we wanted to upgrade to higher plan then it was running expensive for us so we researched and switched to MongoAtlas which proved to be better for us as it was not that expensive and provided us with a lot number of connections.

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