Enterprise Resource Planning

Problem Statement

Logics wanted to develop an amalgamation of software and services to meet the needs of local governments. These integrated solutions intended to address utility billing, financial, revenue, property and GIS management needs.

The idea was to develop, enhance and create an extensive base of software products utilizing Microsoft Windows and Microsoft.Net platform solutions. We developed solutions for them which are tailored for the municipality to be hosted on-premise or in the cloud making the overall functioning of local municipalities much easier.

The Solution

Owing to our highly developed platforms, Logics provided strong and comprehensive utility software for local municipalities. The Logics interface was designed so it would be easy for users to navigate their software. The full-featured, flexible application system was designed to integrate and automate all operations.

  • Utility management with a graphical display of usage history.
  • Financial management with purchase requisitions.
  • Revenue management with property taxes (real and personal property).
  • Local Government Software Revenue Management.
  • Tax management with frozen and current year tax values.


  1. Utility Management: Attachment of digital images, scanning documents, mapping interface, central cash collections.
  2. Tax Management: Maps/GIS Information, Exemption Tracking, Discovery management, Listing processes.
  3. Financial Management: General Ledger, Budget Preparation, Accounts Payable, Purchase Requisitions.
  4. Revenue Management: Business Licenses & Permits, Services and Utilities, Maps/GIS Information, Maintenance/Service orders.

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