Frequently Asked Questions

What are our development practices?

We typically use MVC framework in source development as it provides the best architecture for most projects. We also spend some time in researching the ideal technology and tools for a particular product.

Test driven development is one of our core features. For this, we create automated tests for product right from the beginning. This ensures that when a second feature is added, it doesn’t affect or break previous features.

We design our code with precision. To ensure that high cohesion and low coupling are achieved, we use optimal design patterns. This enables us to deliver the best quality code to you.

Which methodology do we follow for development?

After high level specification determination, we strictly follow scrum methodology for development:

1) We create a list of user stories along with database design and base architecture.

2) After approval from client, the first few user stories are taken up. Each user story is estimated to last no more than two weeks.

3) Once we start working on it, we check-in code continuously – almost daily. At the end of scrum (two weeks), a shippable product is available to you. You can use it to demonstrate your product to other stakeholders or even publish it.

4) Each deliverable clearly states what’s the meaning of ‘done’ for this user story. It’s ensured that you get the same quality after each deliverable – so that bug fixes are taken care of with each user story. Moreover, we have a process called ‘Bash’ where we perform stress and regression testing on the product each week.

5) We have a weekly or biweekly status discussion in which we also discuss how much budget has been consumed. We usually bill weekly but are flexible on it. We only charge for 7 hours per day as we believe that’s the maximum effective hours a developer will spend on a daily basis.

6) Extensive reports are shared with you, including check-ins from developers, hours worked, features created and the cost incurred in delivering a given feature to you.

What is our requirement specification process?

First we do a high level discussion of the product that you want to build. Then we either make wireframes and mockups as required, or we simply create a specification document describing the high level details of your product. We charge for any wireframes, mockups, or specifications that are done.

After this we provide you with an approximate analysis of the amount of time required to build your product. In this we specify how many man-hours of work will be involved. (For example, we may say that to build your product, 1000 to 1400 man-hours are needed.) This is only an estimate and can change based upon various factors.

Following this process allow us to focus on product quality and helps us embrace changing requirements smoothly.

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