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CIEN is the app that takes into account the human factors like team mood and their activities that impact sales by using CRM systems to increase the productivity of the sales team. It tells sellers how to sell better.

Technology Stack

  • Meteor: A full-stack JavaScript platform for building web and mobile apps.
  • Node: Asynchronous JavaScript programming and server-side scripting.
  • Blaze: A library for writing reactive HTML templates and jQuery.
  • MongoDB: A document-based database.


Uses AI on CRM data of the company and human behavior to calculate the economic growth and productivity. Also, it makes predictions so precise by processing CRM data each day.


Moved Sales research to sales engineering by helping sales teams to fix productivity, improve motivation and increase sales effectiveness.


  • Display Analytical data on a monthly and yearly basis in user-friendly view.
  • Use AI on Critical Deals to predict the probability of winning it.
  • View Individual and team-based performance.
  • Allow admins to monitor team members.
  • Present team mood on the basis of surveys.
  • Depict details in the overall and group-based system.

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