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We provide a platform that allows TV/Video Planners to plan their campaigns using CCS survey data. TV/Video Planners can create plans for any campaign, create new planning audiences, identify target channels and build or compare campaign scenarios. The outcome of this is beneficial for the TV/Video Planners as it gives a better understanding of how to maximize the clients’ reach with the budget allocated for that particular plan. During the scenario comparison process, the user can look at what effect different audiences, channel %, budget, etc will have on the overall reach.


  • Data Visualisation: Visual Analysis of a plan to help the planner to decide which scenarios give the best outcome.
  • Plan and Execute: Planners can manage their clients’ plans and compare scenarios (made up of budget, campaign length, audiences, channels) in order to achieve the optimum reach.

Technology Stack

  • Meteor
  • ReactJs
  • Nodejs
  • MongoDB
  • TypeScript
  • BDD Framework with Serenity

Project details

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    TV Stack

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    Web App

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    Media & Advertising

  • Technology
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