TIE Women Entrepreneur 2017

Posted on Aug 15, 2017

TIE Women Entrepreneur 2017

I’m very excited to share my experience of the TIE Women Entrepreneur conference. I went there with one of my friends.

In the beginning, we started talking or say connecting with other people present there. We talked about our profession and what we do or love to do. We got a lady who was into kind of consultancy business (provide internship, jobs and mentor ship to college going students or job seekers). So, we gave her idea of connecting with us, as we might get some good interns or hires from there. Others were into some kind of business like Rugs, hand-looms, foot wears, etc.

In the meantime, we had tea and our breakfast there (kind of kitty party with all the ladies). And you know the most amazing part of that, we were the youngest (say far younger than them).

After that, we were supposed to sit and a wonderful lady (Upasna, the TIE member) started the event by introducing the first speaker, Dr Shikha Sharma founder of Nutri Health System. She was really sweet and very polite. I think that was her biggest plus. She gave us some motivational tips like:

  • Take the first step towards your dream, as it’s the only thing you need to do. In the case of failure, go to the last step. Don’t listen to others.
  • Talk with right people and it’s okay to be clear and straight forward.
  • Keep your self-busy, if you failed and lost confidence. This will help you in forgetting that failure and gaining that confidence back. As success is full of small failure. Keep pivoting and get success.
  • Think and do out of the box.
  • Go with your happiness first, as women are more flexible, collaborative, adaptable and clear.
  • Entrepreneurship is not only about financial, it is about self-satisfaction.
  • Watch TED talks if you feel disappointed.
  • Anything that solves your problem go for it.
  • Auditing and quality are the keys to success.
  • Go and meet people and talk about your business, the only thing matters is the connection.

The lady concluded with few Q/A and then Mr Pramod Bhasin, President, TiEDelhi and chairman of Genpact was introduced. He started with asking a question- which country came into your mind in terms of percentage of women entrepreneur. Most of them answered with India, I with few more people answered the US. After that, he told us that China is the country with most women at the top of the organisation (govt. and non-govt. both), it’s around 75% of the women are in charge of the top head of the company.

He gave us few pointers like:

  • Don’t wait for any men to solve your problems. He told us the story of one of her employee (a lady), there was a leader for them in China a few years back in Genpact. And for that, they have to visit China and he called that lady and ask her to go there. In China no one knows English and the challenge was to set up business there. And after few months he visited China and found that everything was done just the final process was left.
  • Through this story, he wanted to show us “Power of empowering”.
  • He said, “If you don’t have finance then setup a bank and if you cannot hire properly or say cannot hire women then setup a company who only hire women”.

He concluded with saying “Have unreasonable expectation”.

Then the most inspiring part or say the best part of the conference happen and that was the story of C. Pallavi Rao Narvekar (Chairperson of Radio Mirchi), she was there with her husband Rahul.

She started speaking and she had lisp and seems to be nervous. She said that “Once she used to love speaking through the mic and now whenever she comes in front of mic she got nervous”.

She told us her filmy and very inspiring story (https://www.mastylecare.org/c-pallavi-rao-narvekar-rj/), she wanted to become an RJ and started to pursue her career in that. She gave an audition to AIR and got selected there. She started her show in Radio Mirchi in the prime time. She was on cloud 9 and got married.

After her first kid, she while playing with her kid started lisp. She got shocked as her voice was her identity. After check up, she discovered that she was suffering from “Myasthenia Gravis” a kind of Cancer. She was admitted to ICU. She started doing Yoga and she desperately wanted to back with RJ. She recovered and again joined as RJ. But after few months she again got same cancer and this happens around 3 or 4 times. When last time she was in ICU, her doctor gave up on her, but she didn’t give up and today she was in front of us speaking. While in ICU, she used to write stories around her through messengers. Her husband published those stories into the book as a birthday gift.

Her story gives us the following lessons:

  • Be sure of what you think or ask, it will come back.
  • There is nothing important than your last breath.
  • Observe others stories and try to help them.
  • Be grateful for what you have.
  • Love your body and do whatever it takes you to keep it fit.
  • Be independent and greedy for doing things.

After her session, we met her and got a signed copy of her book 🙂

After that, we had lunch over there and few startups showed their challenges they face through a presentation.

Then, we had a session with Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder of InfoEdge (naukri.com). We got the following pointers from him:

  • Entrepreneurship the best of time and worst of time (worst because of rapidly changing time).
  • We also got to know about Venture capital (VC) funds. And how they are different for men and women.
  • Check your market risk.
  • Success depends on an ability to pivot.

Then, we had a session on “Sky is Not the Limit”, where we’ve learned the following things:

  • Never say “No”. We should always have the desire to do something new and never give up. Give a shot to every new opportunity. Do, everything with passion.
  • But, do not go with all the things at the same time. Do only one thing with passion at a time (i personally don’t completely agree with this).
  • Push yourself out of comfort zone.
  • If failure, then does it again. Do it again and don’t let your hope down. Learn from your mistake and do it again. This is called perseverance.
  • Keep learning new things.
  • Break the identity you’re born with (don’t agree).
  • Give your cent percent and be true to your self.
  • Learn through experience, by doing that thing again.
  • If we have to work smart then we have to work harder.
  • Help others by doing something for them.

After that, we had a session on “Networking and Networking”, there we learned:

  • Build relationship and connections.
  • The educational network is helpful in business.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Push and have the courage to initiate a conversation.
  • Ensure your visibility, go with one brand — don’t go with multiple social accounts for promotion.
  • Handle your account carefully. Do an audit of your own social media.
  • Be genuine and honest with your people.
  • Focus on good work.
  • Lastly, “If you can’t compete then collaborate”.

Then, at last, we had a round table meeting, where we need to open up about “our issues and what we do” with like-minded people along with one mentor. There I choose to be in the leadership group. There I had a discussion about team goal, unity and performance along with some marketing aspect. The mentor there told us that, we first need to define our assets → articulate what you want → measure → control. The thing we can’t measure, we cannot control.

There, I met a guy who asked me about the services we provide. He asked me about Angualr.js 2.0, Node.js, Mobile platforms, etc., (the next good thing of that conference) he seems to be interested in IT service provider.

Overall, Great experience, tried to get connected with different types of people and got to know about their businesses.

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