Spirit of JSChannel 2017

Posted on Oct 06, 2017


Spirit of JSChannel 2017

JSChannel, India’s own JavaScript conference.

If you’re a developer or a techie, you must always be looking for conferences or local Meetups, to meet like-minded people, to know what’s happening in the industry, and to see who is working on which tech and which one is going to be huge in coming years. Well, if you’re saying, “nope, I don’t”, well then I will highly recommend going out and experience these events. They are too much fun!!

Honestly, even I just started going to these Meetups a year ago, if I remember correctly, my first Meetup was a local community of Delhi/NCR, JSLovers. After I attended few Meetups, I tried for the speaker role at events and applied at a couple of events. Yes, you guessed it, jschannel was one of them. After submitting my CFP, a couple of months later I got a response from them that my talk has been selected. Ohh… and my talk was on service-workers and PWAs.

The event was taking place at JW-Marriot Bangalore, India for two days with almost 16 talks ranging from vue to react. I was going to give my talk at 10:45 AM on the first day, after the first speaker. On the day of the event, I thought, let’s check the place where the event is happening (5 floors down, to be honest) and the moment I stepped foot in the conference hall, I was awe-struck. At 9AM, the place was packed. I wasn’t expecting that at all. This just shows, how many people were excited to be the part of this event and if I forget to mention, Bangalore, where the event was taking place, is known as “Silicon Valley of India”. Well, now I know, how this city earned this name.

After the first talk, I was called upon and after my laptop was connected to the main screen (which took 30 seconds more than I expected lol), I started talking about Service workers, something every JavaScript developer should know nowadays (PWAs). And the experience was surreal, speaking in-front of my biggest audience so far, I think. But for me, the real fun started after talk was over, when attendees got the chance to ask questions and damn, people were excited about service workers. Again, I wasn’t completely sure if, in the era of react and angular, anyone will be interested in service workers. But even after the talk, many came to me just to ask how they can user service-workers in their apps. Well, that was about me and my talk.

Let’s talk about some other talks.

All talks were so good but I’m not gonna talk about every one of them here. I’m gonna only discuss, which were highlight for “me”. On the first day, two talks (well, technically one, you’ll get it later) literally threw me out. First one was a guest speaker from LA (I think), Simone. She codes games in python, knows Java and thinking of learning JavaScript and one small detail I missed here, she was just 10 years old. I can simply put it down by quoting one of the attendees comment during QA time, “you’re raising the bar of this conference”. Check her talk, you’ll be amazed. The second one, was of Sarah Drasner (interestingly, she followed Simone), who gave talk on Animation in Vue and canvas. And the animations she showed there, you won’t believe that they’re just some HTML tags.

Even on the second day, there were some great talks from Franziska, Parashuram and Andrew Clarke. It’s getting harder for me now, to just pick a couple of them, so I just won’t. I would highly suggest, to check those talks, you can learn a lot from those, I did.

But the best thing about the conference, as also stated by many speakers and inspiration of this blog’s title, was the spirit of the conference, created by the attendees. Two consecutive days, almost 9 straight hours, 8 talks each day and even then the enthusiasm wasn’t down a bit. They asked questions to the last speaker with the same excitement as they aksed the first one.

It was my first time at JSChannel so I can’t compare this with the last ones, but they did a great job this year. A special shout-out to the organizers for making this event possible.

I am gonna end by saying that, these conferences are a great place to learn new things and meet amazing people. These are a great way to be part of the community.