Node.js Interactive 2017 – As it went

Posted on Oct 23, 2017

Node.js Interactive 2017 – As it went

We were part of the recently held Node.js Interactive 2017, Vancouver, Canada.

What is Node.js Interactive?

This is an annual Node.js conference that usually happens in North America. The conference sees participation from almost all the collaborators and mentors of the Node.js community. It consists of many talks and workshops, which can allow you to look into what’s coming up and also to get your hands dirty with some of the latest tools and practices.
Another aspect it provides is networking, it’s great to meet/see people whose code you have been using all this while and say a “Thank you” in person. 🙂

What were we doing there?

We wanted to get closer to the community and what better opportunity than being part of such a conference. Another reason was to get in touch with what’s going on in the community and also start giving back to it(read contribution to the Node.js project).

Let’s take a quick look on how it went for us.

Our focus was on getting as much as hands on and practical knowledge we can get from the conference. One reason for that was the talks were ultimately going to be available online :). Check them out at Node.js Channel on Youtube 

Preconference 5k Run/Walk

We were up for a 5k run in the morning for some fun, exercise and also a chance to win a ticket for the node.js interactive 2018!.

Unfortunately we didn’t win a ticket but the views were great, we are happy with that 🙂 .

Day 1

The conference started with a number of keynote sessions, which talked about Developer efficiency and production success, being part of the community, new changes to V8 engine and sustaining the open source ecosystem.

After this we headed over to our first workshop for the day.

A Complete IoT Workshop (B) by Jeremy Foster, Microsoft

It was really a fun and very practical workshop. Jeremy introduced us to the world of IOT and all the available options for us to get started and what we can do with it.

A quote from the workshop:

I can leave other areas of software development(like Web development) for others to do, but Machine Learning, AI and IOT isn’t something I can ignore

We then headed to Data Science Survival Kit workshop by  Philipp Burckhardt & Athan Reines

It was a self guided workshop, you can go through it yourself here

Next up was Building Interactive Workshops with Electron by Seth Vincent

This was again self guided, you can check it out here

That was the wrap up for the day and then we headed over to the conference party!


Started with The Node.js Performance Workshop by Matteo Collina & David Mark Clements

The duo kept it pretty interesting and entire workshop was very informative.

Then it was followed by some sessions:


And final workshop for the day Serverless Bots with Node.js by Bret McGowen & Amir Shevat

They took us through basics of building a bot and then we made our very own slack bot.

The instructions are available on github if you want to follow.

Then it was followed back to back with sessions:


This one was an inspiration


The day was wrapped up with a ending note by Mark Hinkle.

And now we were looking forward to the next day it was Code and Learn!

DAY 3: Code and Learn

We were specifically looking forward to this day. It was filled with learning about how to be a core contributor under supervision of great mentors.

All of them were really helpful and we successfully made our first contribution to the core that day.

Then there was a small activity where people participated to define what Node.js means for them and the entire wall was filled with responses!.

It was followed by discussions within various work-groups in the community and followed by their agenda for near future.

It was also a great co-incidence that we were again at the same conference as was Franziska Hinkelmann

And that was all for Node.js Interactive 2017. Hopefully we will again be there in 2018, it’s in Vancouver again!.