How to make an effective decision?

Posted on Sep 23, 2017

How to make an effective decision?

Many of us struggle while taking any kind of decision, as we all want our decision must create an impact on each and everyone involved in it.

Our struggle rises when we are leading someone (mostly in an organisation) and are taking decisions for their betterment.
But later we think about our decision wistfully.

So, here are few things we need to follow while making our decision so that we don’t have to regret it later.

Identify, analyse and evaluate the situation using the following in the proper manner:


Observe and explore the situation with every angle, its merits and demerits. How it is going to affect our team in both positive or negative aspect. Jot down each and every point.


Use your prior experience as needed.


Put yourself into that situation. You are the one who is going to be affected by this and someone else is going to make this decision. List all the consequences of this.


Check out all the possible outcomes along with the suitable actions that could be taken. List down all the actions along with why you want to go with that and how it is going to affect the system.


Communicate with other team members to know their views without letting them know about this. And try to get the reviews from others. You may develop a questionnaire and disseminate to the team members.

Hope this process helps you in your decision making.

PS: Read somewhere and liked
Leaders who rise to the top are ones who constantly sharpen their strategic thinking by questioning their own views, by listening to different viewpoints, surrounding themselves by people with different expertise areas and doing anything else they can to gain different perspectives.