10 Federal – Kiosk

10 Fed Kiosk is a windows-based application that runs on kiosk machines for the users to rent out units within the facility simply at which the machine is installed.

Impediments Overcome

Challenges We Faced

10 Federal had an existing website where the customers were able to rent a unit but for doing so the user needed to have access to the internet to use the website. 10 Federal wanted to make it easier for their customers to rent a unit and pay for existing rentals via software that will be installed outside all the facilities managed by 10 Federal.

We developed software that enables a user to select the units they want to rent. Users will be able to choose the dimensions and amenities required in the unit, create an account, log in to their account and view the existing rentals, view and pay for the delinquent units, enable autopay for the rentals, add and save payment methods, and introduce contacts to their account.

Working out the details

Features of 10 Federal – Kiosk


After our team successfully completed the project and provided solutions for Work Order, the system was equipped with the following features:

Remove Overlock

A tenant has a quick access to pay for the units that are marked as delinquent. After payment, the tenant gains access information to access the unit.

Tenant Move-In

A tenant can rent a storage unit after payment and agreement of a lease. This feature also registers the user along with renting out the unit.

View Rentals

A tenant can keep a check on all the storage units that they have rented, this shows information regarding accessing the unit as well as the paid through date.

Unit add-on

While selecting a unit to rent, a user can opt for various add-ons. This includes various amenities, locks for units and insurance.

View Reservations

A user can view all the units that they have reserved. They can pay for these units and rent them readily.


The Kiosk machine allows the user to watch tutorial video in order for them to have a better understanding of 10Fed products.

Proposed Solutions

The software that we have developed will be installed in a kiosk machine and will be made available outside the facilities owned by 10 Federal so that the users can rent a unit on their own with help of the software installed on the kiosk machine.

We came up with windows based touch screen application that is integrated with storEDGE which is a cloud-based self-storage facility management software designed to assist users in managing storage facilities. The data of a tenant and the ledgers associated with the tenant was stored and fetched from storEDGE.

Work Order is aimed at self-storage facility operators who are in need of an efficient and effective work order system. Work Order would help them manage their day to day orders as well as maintenance tasks they need to complete in order to run their self-storage facility business.

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10Federal application makes viewing and renting storage unit facilities easy supplemented by simple payment solutions. It makes monitoring the rented unit readily accessible for the customers without the need of them being connected to the internet to easily direct them to the 10 Federal websites.

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